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Wheels and water!

What’s not to like about a three day bank holiday weekend?

Ok, I expect some of you probably got dragged around the local garden centres, possibly a trip to Ikea (check out The Lancashire Hotpots song about Ikea for a giggle) or doing some of those much needed DIY jobs.

However, if you managed to dodge all the necessities you may have been like some who scored three days of sailing.

While some Blokart sailors headed to Llanbedr for a round of the ’B Series’ others chose to stay a bit closer to home. Those who did enjoyed two days of sailing at Finmere Aerodrome with the required overnight camp on the edge of the peri-track.

The was plenty of sailing and sunshine (and a wee bit of sunburn to prove it) on the Saturday topped of with Burgers and Beers along with some rather tasty Irish Whiskey cake!

Sunday dawned with the wind having swung from Saturdays NW winds to a more favourable W/SW direction which meant there was some early sailing done before breakfast.

Once breakfast was out of the way it was time to shred the runway until we simply needed to rest - and shred the runway we did.

Eventually the wet weather rolled in so that created an opportunity to rest the arms and have a break, but only until the first front had passed over. It was then back out for some more and with top speeds building there were plenty of grins.

I think we we all enjoyed the two days spent Blokart sailing at Finmere and look forward to the next camp over when conditions look to good to miss.

Having another spare day to go sailing Steve H decided to hit the water. His local sailing club was holding a 100 minute pursuit race and with the breeze blowing the challenge was on.

I have it on good authority that he was in fact a couple of ‘minutes’ late for his start, and bearing in mind he was already handicapped to start 27 mins after the 11am start it was always going to an uphill battle (or should that be upstream, I’ll let you ponder that one).

Needless to say he didn’t win but he did enjoy himself, despite 4 capsizes, but who’s counting.

If if you would like to enjoy some Blokart sailing for yourself, which generally doesn’t mean getting wet, why not get in touch.

Drop us an email or message us through our Facebook page and you to could be shredding the runways or beaches near you.

Fair winds all. 🌬

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