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'Restart The Blokart'

Kiwi Blokarts UK came up with the ‘Restart The Blokart’ phrase a few days ago and we think it’s great.

There’s obviously been a lot of not much happening for a good part of the year, but with lockdown slowly lifting and people starting to get out and about, safely of course, we think it’s a great time to Restart the Blokart.

We know there a loads of Blokarts around the UK that are used on parks, beaches and all manner of other spaces but it’s when you tap in to a local club or meet with a few other owners that sailing a Blokart really gets to be fun.

So who are you sailing with?

Maybe you have an old Blokart that’s been neglected and left to sit under the stairs or is hidden at the back of the garage? Maybe you’ve considered getting it out for a sail but lacked motivation because you’ve lost your Blokart mojo? Maybe you just didn’t fancy a drive to the beach and the resulting cleanup of sand in the kart/car and other places it shouldn’t be? Did you by it in the distant past and have just lost interest? Do you want other people to sail with?

Why not get in contact and come sailing with us. We might not have the biggest sailing area but we can sail all year and look at these benefits -

  • Easily accessible from both the M1 and M40 motorways

  • We are not limited to sailing around tides, that means all day sailing is just that

  • There’s definitely no sand to clean up

  • We have great indoor facilities with the onsite ‘Crew Room’ - sofas for chilling out on, tea/coffee making, microwave, toilet. It’s also great in the winter for warming up when sailing in the snow.

  • Free camping onsite when holding weekend meetings - tents, caravans and motorhomes are welcome

  • A mix of airfield surfaces - old concrete curtains and super smooth runway

  • Loads of sailing and Blokart experience to draw from if you’re new to it

  • No club fees - pay and sail on the day

Blokart Lunch Break

Now, go and dig out that bag of fun and Restart the Blokart!!

Let 2020/21 be a time of renewing your love for sailing, or maybe try it for the first time and find out how easy and how much fun it really is.

See you out there.

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