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About Us

Our mission is to promote an inclusive active Blokart sailing scene in the British Midlands

  Our goal is to actively encourage more people to sail Blokart – whether that’s socially or taking part in racing

  Our vision is to be a community of Blokart sailors that love what we do

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We are a community of Blokart sailors and enthusiasts who often just get together for a social sail, enjoy our facilities and generally hang out.
While we don’t at this stage hold any formal racing a number of members have considerable sailing and racing experience from competing around the UK as well as travelling to various European venues, the USA and New Zealand (the birthplace of Blokart).

More About Us


Central Blokart Club has been born from the desire of a few Midlands based Blokart owners and enthusiasts to share with others the fun and thrills of Blokart sailing.


As a group of sailors getting together over the last 10 years we have sailed at a number of venues around the Midlands, some have been great and formed the core group of members for what we now refer to as ‘The Club’.

Initially we started sailing at what was Airbossworld. This was based at the old RAF Wymeswold base just outside of Loughborough. Predominantly a land based Kite Sport club they welcomed Blokart as we worked really well together – they tended to do all their flying on the grass areas and we sailed on the old runways. Unfortunately this venue is no longer used as they built a solar farm on the site and the Airbossworld club slowly vanished as people started kiting elsewhere.

During this time we also occasionally sailed at the old RAF Pershore base. This was a great venue for sailing with the ability to use the entirety of the old ‘triangle’ where the runways dissected each other. A couple of full race meetings were hosted there by Kiwi Blokarts UK, but in the end the difficulty of access due to it still being a secure test site and a change of staff to liaise with meant we haven’t used it for some time. Maybe again in the future…


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Being based in the middle of the country means getting to the coast to sail on sand means a hefty commitment of time and money so we’re always looking out for new sailing venues.

On one such search we ended up making contact with the owners of our current venue, the old RAF Finmere base.

We’ve now been sailing there for a few years and are lucky to have some fantastic facilities. We share these facilities with a group of aviation enthusiasts who fly ultra-light aircraft. This works quite well as once the wind gets up to a certain speed they tend not to fly and we get excited to sail quicker, so it works for both parties. Occasionally there is some cross over and we might have an unexpected low flyby by someone wanting to come in and land. Of course pleasantries are shared when this happens with the wave of a hand as we stand to the side of the runway and they taxi back to the hangers.

We are also very lucky as the runway has recently been re-laid with tarmac that is fantastically smooth.

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We are fueled by the love of Blokart sailing and don’t really follow the formal setup of normal clubs. I’m sure this will come as the club grows but for now we are just a group of friends who enjoy our time together. If decisions need to be made we do what friends do and sit down (or stand around) and discuss it until we come up with a way to move things forward.


We aim to be as inclusive as possible and welcome sailors with various disabilities. Blokart's have been designed in such a way that the whole craft is controlled by your arms and hands.

We host sailing sessions for a charity called Sportability whose aim is to use activities to show how abled these 'dis-abled' participants can be, and believe me, some of them are fierce sailors who definitely outperform the rest of us! This is organized through the local Blokart dealer who supplies Blokarts for the session.


All members of Central Blokart Club are required to have current insurance and we can advise the best way to arrange this, which actually costs less than you might think.


We welcome you to join this sailing revolution, we know you’ll enjoy the ride.

How To Get Involved


Please feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact‘ form which you will find below.

If you would like to come along and sail with us or maybe just know more about what Blokart sailing is all about and how to get involved let us know and we'll get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

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