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This is where we can point you to our supporters and sponsors.

There are also links to other useful sites for weather, making contact with National Blokart Organisations and Blokart Clubs from around the world and general info you might find useful.

We obviously have no control over these sites and hope they are always legit, but if you click through and find something not so nice or just plain 'meh' let us know so we can amend the list accordingly. Thanks

Sponsors and Supporters

Kiwi Blokarts UK

Surf Dogs

Useful Weather Sites



XC Weather

BBC Weather

Blokart Organisations around the world

Blokart International Ltd

BLSA - British Land Speedsail Association

NZBAI - New Zealand Blokart Association

NABSA - North American Blokart Sailing Association

ABA - The Australian Blokart Association

Lithuanian Blokart Racing