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Blokart World Championships Return to New Zealand

International Blokart events are a colourful sight

It's official!

After many years of being hosted in different countries The World Blokart Championships will be heading back to where it all began - New Zealand.

2020 will roll around quicker than ever for those hoping to make the trip 'downunder'. In fact as I write this all we know is it will be hosted by the Manawatu Blokart Club on their home venue in Sanson and just up the road at the RNZAF Ohakea Airbase. Provisionally we know it will be sometime around October/November so as I write this that means we only have 23 months (or 100 weeks - whichever sounds scarily closer!)

The Manawatu club has just hosted the 2018 NZ Open and they had a good number of entrants so looking ahead it could be huge........

Having a 'Kiwi' based in our club who just happens to hail from only 25 mins up the road from the race venues means we're likely to have some great inside knowledge in relation to the best way to take part and then enjoy a holiday in the country.......

A number of Central Blokart Club pilots are hoping to travel down for this event. Maybe you would like to join us.

Start you're journey by contacting us for more info about sailing Blokart in the Midlands

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1 Comment

Dec 01, 2018

Hopefully we will make to the 2020 World Championships 😊.would be great if a few of us "Midlanders" sailed together in the birth place of the blokart.

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