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Welcome to the all new Central Blokart Club website and blog.

Blokart - sailing on land at our Midlands venue only an hour from London
2018 New Years Day sail - will you be joining us for 2019?

We've done it. We're hoping you to will do it. We've launched!!

Not on the water though, we're talking about launching our website and blog in the hope that more of you will join with us sailing on land.

No wet feet launching boats, no wetsuits or drysuits to squeeze into (unless you really want to), more speed per £ spent than most other forms of sailing and of course just lots of banter, fun, laughs, and of course tea / coffee and cakes.

That's all got to be good right?

Over the coming months we hope to add features and news so visit regularly to find out what all the happenings are and how to get involved.

If you're interested already message us via the contact form and we'll try and answer any questions about Blokart you might have.

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